SafeRide is no longer located here. Please visit or download the "CWRU Spartan Ride" app from the Apple or Android app store for the updated service.
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What is Safe Ride?
Safe Ride is a demand-response, shared-ride, nightly transportation service for Case Western Reserve University students, faculty and staff. It provides point-to-point transportation to locations within the Safe Ride boundary. Safe Ride’s goal is to provide safe and efficient evening transportation. Request a Safe Ride and we will get you there!
How do I sign-up for Safe Ride?
1. Log in with your CWRU Network ID and Password (single sign-on).
2. Create your profile using your valid telephone number.
What are the different ways of requesting a Safe Ride?
1. Use the free Android or iPhone Safe Ride app. 
2. Through the web request interface.
3. By calling Safe Ride Dispatch Operations at 216-368- 3000 to request via the automated phone system or by opting to speak to the dispatcher.
What is the quickest mode of request to get picked up?
Making a ride request through your smartphone, or online, or via automated phone will instantly add you to the queue of requests, and your trip will be assigned right away. [Cancelling and resubmitting a trip request will not increase service speed. It will move your request to the end of the queue.]
How do I use Safe Ride?
1. Set your start location, end location, and the total number of riders for the request. 
2. Your trip is assigned instantly with an estimated time of arrival range. When you are next in line for pickup, you will be notified which driver and vehicle are assigned to your trip and their estimated time of arrival. Track them in real-time using the app or online map. You will also be notified when the driver arrives at your pickup location. 
3. Rate your ride and leave an optional feedback about the system and your experience.
How do I give Safe Ride my feedback?
Please be sure to share what you love, what improvements you would like to see with the technology, or rate your experience by submitting feedback directly through the app after each trip or through the online feedback page.
What are the Hours of Operation?
Safe Ride operates nightly, seven days a week, 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
What are the Safe Ride boundaries?
 North to Ashbury Ave
 East to Coltman Road/the East 120th Street RTA station
 West to E.82nd st./Mt. Sinai parking garage
 South to the intersections of Mayfield and Hampshire Roads and Cedar and Fairmount Roads in Cleveland Heights
Please visit our website here for additional information.
How do I know if I’ve been assigned to a driver?
You will be notified once you’ve been assigned to a driver (by call or SMS). You can also check out the web or app interfaces for real-time updates about your driver's location, and your request status.
Can I track my driver?
You can track your driver with real-time GPS updates via the smartphone app and online.
How will I know when my driver arrives if I don’t have a smartphone?
You can set up SMS or phone call notifications in your user profile online or in the smartphone app. Once these preferences are set, you do not need a smartphone to receive basic calls or SMS messages. You will be notified via the phone number on your account. The default method of contact is SMS. If you prefer a phone call or if your phone does not receive texts, you must change your preferred method of contact.
Does cancelling my request and then making another one put me at the bottom of the request queue?
Yes. Cancelling a ride request and resubmitting a new request restarts the trip-making process. Your new ride request moves to the end of the queue. Repeated cancellations may result in the suspension of ride privileges.
Is the driver’s location always accurate when I look at the map?
Some GPS inaccuracies occur from buildings being close together or due to limited network areas. If you are observing inaccuracies, try force-quitting the Safe Ride app or refreshing the web page to get a better connection.
How do I contact my driver?
If you have important information to relay to your driver or dispatcher (such as “I am using crutches.”), you can input a comment when placing your ride request. You can also contact Safe Ride Dispatch Operations directly at 216- 368-3000. For everyone’s safety, direct calls to the driver are not authorized.
Can I make a request for someone else to get picked up?
The service is reserved for your personal use. You cannot make a request on another person’s behalf. You must have a valid CWRU ID to utilize Safe Ride. If you have other CWRU students traveling with you, you all must be picked up and dropped off at the same location. If you have guests, up to two (2) may ride with you on your trip from start to finish. You are responsible for your guests and may be liable for any incidents they are involved in while on a Safe Ride. Your guests may be required to present a photo ID.
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